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    In this day and age, everyone has some form of debt. Whether it is a mortgage, a credit card, a car loan, student loan, or medical bill, if you are an adult you likely have debts; having debts is nothing to be embarrassed about. And, just like having debts, we all want to pay our debts but, sometimes, things beyond our control prevent us from paying our debts of time.  

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that regulates what a debt collector can do and say. For example, a debt collector cannot:

- Use profane language;

- Call your work phone after you told them that you cannot take personal calls at work;

- Call your work phone after you told them that you did not want to talk about personal matters at work;

- Call you after you told them you are represented by an attorney and gave your attorney’s contact information;

- Call you after you sent them a letter to stop calling; (see a sample letter);

- Tell any other person that you owe a debt;

- Call another person more than once;

- Threaten to garnish your wages;

- Threaten to have you arrested for not paying the debt;

- Threaten to sue you unless you pay the debt; or

- Pretend to be a judge, police officer, sheriff, or clerk.

    If debt collectors are calling you, you do not have to put up with being harassed, lied to, threatened, and being made to feel miserable. When a debt collector violates the law, the debt collection agency must pay you damages and also pay your attorney fees and costs. Learn how to handle debt collection calls with our FREE TIP SHEET, If you are being harassed by a debt collector that is violating the FDCPA contact us immediately so we can enforce your rights - and get you the money you deserve.

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